GAGARIN.AI is your private AI assistant
at a working desk is a solution for an intellectual enterprise based on AI and machine learning technologies. is an add-on officially certified by SAP Integration and Certification Center, having the status of Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution. It is proven that it saves up to 50% of working time in any ERP system.

Fast communication with employees based on downloaded FAQ file

Online help for employees to fullfill their daily routine
Automation of mass and typical tasks of employees
Intellectual IT support chat bot for employees
We substitute 0 and 1 lines of IT support
Integration with all ERP and other systems (e.g. SAP solutions)
Communication channels works with all open messengers integrated with corporate services and could be an standalone desktop application
Our advantages
1 is the first in class solution
A unique solution on ERP market for online and on-the-job employees training.
Communication channels
You can use it as a text assistant or a voice assistant.
Easy start can be implemented shortly.
Pre-ready FAQ database
On typical ERP operations (MM, SD, PM, RCM, etc.), HR, CRM and other.
Adjustable architecture
It may be cloud or on-prem.
Integrated widgets
It may be launched as any communication channel or directly in SAP Fiori LaunchPad.

Wide spread of analytical tools
Reports may be standard or customized. We build reports on user experience and business processes analytics. helps employees to:
Immediately learn their job functions. quickly teaches you everything you need to know at your working place, helps you with typical operations in ERP system and serves as an online assistant.
Implement hundreds of business processes: creation of a typical contract or purchase order, order a report from your ERP system, track the status of your document or order and many more.
Quickly solve issues that you had to submit to a support system. You don't need to wait a queue in a call center or wait for an answer from IT support. is a perfect conversation partner for you. remembers your personality: you don't need to repeat your contact details, your orders or anything else. You may repeat your order by just clicking one button.
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Quickly adapt new employees at their working places, adapt employees to constantly changes at their job duties.
Reduce the duration of transactions performance for mass transactions. simplifies users experience with ERP system, so that you can pay more attention to your business tasks. significantly reduces the costs for ERP system support, payroll and training costs. easily gets analytical reports and underlines bottle necks in your business processes.
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The virtual assistant is available 24х7 globally manages user communications (including push messages).
Thanks to the integration with support solutions (Service Now, HPSM, etc) significantly decreases the workload for 0 and 1st lines support. decreases the amount of incidents when entering master data or creation documents or transactions in IT system. sets you free from solving the same or similar issues and you can now concentrate on more complex tasks. makes the task of incident registration and status tracking easier for the user. If can't solve the incident himself, it forwards the incident further to support lines, providing all the incident history, including user screenshots.
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